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Interesting podcast on gender data gap

Some of our committee members came across Caroline Criado Perez's book and podcast and would love to share this with you all.

Caroline Criado Perez has spent years investigating the gender data gap – and how women are simply forgotten in a world designed for men. Her best-selling book, Invisible Women, was published to critical acclaim, and Caroline was inundated with readers sharing their own stories of the “default male”.

In her new podcast Caroline investigates what happens next: how can we close the gender data gap and design a world that works for everyone?

If a woman is involved in a car crash, she is 17% more likely to die than a man in the same crash. In this episode, Caroline investigates why... and comes up with a campaign to fix crash testing.

We hope you enjoy reading her book and the podcast.

From the BSER team.


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